Your Center for Conscious Nutrition, Wellness Education, and Authentic Travel in Central and South America

Eden Retreat Center is dedicated to sustainable health transformation. Allow our team of professional integrative medical practitioners to guide you onto a path of conscious nutrition, safe detox practices, digestive reprogramming, and lifestyle coaching.
Heal, learn, and grow with an integrative approach to wellness in alignment with nature
We craft authentic transformational health and travel experiences in culturally significant regions within Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala to aid in individual growth as we learn to create true wellness together. Our retreats are designed to focus on health education, environmental awareness, and good old fashioned fun.
As part of your wellness journey with Eden, you will be giving back to the communities you visit through our non-profit Eden Wellness Institute. 10% of your trip cost will go directly to support small farmers and natural medicine in our various regions.
 Enjoy conscious travel as you learn about ancient cultures, sustainable practices, global & personal health
To book your retreat a $500 non refundable deposit is required prior to arrival. The balance is due on or before arrival.
Looking to build a healthy team at your company? Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can bring the retreat experience to your company.
Our mission and vision is to create a comfortable supportive environment that makes healthy choices easy and fun, while teaching people how to cultivate thriving health.

Our Team:

As part of your retreat experience you will have the opportunity to connect with a variety of health care providers who will help you reach your health goals. We have a large network of licensed Doctors and health care providers that will provide specialty services as needed. Each client is an individual with unique needs and that is why we have such a diverse team of experts. Your retreat experience will be overseen by the retreat director, however you can expect to see many health care professionals throughout your stay depending on your indivudal needs and health goals.

About the Director:

With nearly 20 years of experience in the medical field and a Doctorate degree in Integrative Medicine (IMD) from the U.S., Dr. Randi Raymond and her team are honored to share their knowledge with you to help you learn to cultivate thriving health. As director of Eden Retreat Center she will oversee your retreat experience and help to coordinate a variety of treatments and therapists to ensure you reach your health care goals. Click here to see Dr. Randi Raymond’s qualifications.

Chief of Staff:

Our chief of staff Rev. Dr. Jude, is at the the heart of Eden. She is fully committed to the vision of Eden Retreat Center and Eden Wellness Community & Institute, she has invested her life. In addition to her vast experience and knowledge in natural health lifestyle education and Dances of Universal Peace; Judith Arnold brings to Monte Eden a 501.c3, making your donations tax deductible. Click here to donate to our cause.

Read her resume here!

Your Fearless Tour Guide

Natalie has traveled throughout South America for the last five years as a tour guide and food systems journalist. As a certified yoga and dance meditation teacher with a vegan culinary background, she is passionate about connecting people to sustainable food practices and intercultural wellness. With a B.A. in Philosophy and many months of jungle living she is keen to help to create “on-the-ground” transformational travel experiences.


It has been our mission to create a sustainable and ecologically responsible Wellness Center and Community in Costa Rica. That dream is becoming a reality as we have assembled an incredible team, found the most inspirational location and have begun the development of our center that borders Carara National Park.

The rugged beauty of this particular piece of rainforest is truly inspirational and healing. With breath taking ocean views and and stunning primary jungle vistas you will find it easy to connect back to nature and yourself. We are honored to be able to share this sacred space with you as you join us on the journey to cultivating lasting health and wellbeing.
We invite you to come and experience this truly restorative setting as we reconnect with ourselves and nature. The abundance of life, nature and resources on this mountain is something to be cherished and shared with as many who are willing to make the journey. We are creating a longevity living center where people can come and experience a healing lifestyle for retreats or for long term living.

What is conscious nutrition, wellness education and authentic travel?

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Wellness in Bird Watching

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