Teaching yoga requires a great amount of passion, consistency and focus. It also requires you to be very committed to the art of sharing. But atop of all these, the most important qualities are emotional stability and patience. The truth is that not everyone is ready to become a yoga teacher who wish to. Are you? Let’s find out! Here are eight questions you`ve got to ask yourself if you`re considering becoming a yoga teacher.

1. Are you practicing yoga reguarly?
I`m just going to say it, if you don`t have a regular yoga practice, you’re not ready to be a teacher yet. Consistency is everything in yoga. It doesn`t matter if it`s 3 times a week or twice a day, it doesn`t matter if it`s half an hour every time or 90 minutes. But if it`s regular and you feel like you couldn`t live without it anymore, you`re on the right track and is a good sign that you’re ready to go deeper.
2. Is meditation an important part of your life?
Yoga was originally developed to help people get into deeper meditation. If you have a regular meditation practice already, you’re on the right path. As long as you maintain this desire to continue deepening your meditation, you’ll constantly feel inspired by the path of yoga. If you don’t maintain this practice, your career as a yoga teacher will very quickly start to feel like any other job.
3. Can you master the simple poses?
Don`t think that to be a yoga teacher means that you have to know and master all the advenced poses! Sure, knowing some of them will be very helpful, but it`s absolutely not a necessity. Great teachers are consistantly focusing on mastering the basic, foundational poses. A way more inportant thing than being able to perform all the pretyel poses is to have a srtong foundation of the bacics and practice them daily.
4. Do you like to connect with people?
As a yoga teacher you will connect with many beautiful people who will turn to you with trust. At yoga people open up and let go. They might share things with you that they feel they can`t share with anyone else but you. You will be your students` therapist, psychologist, doctor, priest, best friend, and life coach. If you don`t have a general openness and interest in people their lives, feelings and worries, you`ll find being a yoga teacher very tiring ad draining. If you are a person who people like to turn to anyway and you love connecting with them on a special level, being a yoga teacher will be easy peasy for you.
5. Do you feel like you want to share your passion with others?
If you feel like yoga is such a fundamental part of your life that it just flows out of you naturally and without sharing this gift you are almost holding information back, this path is definitely for you. Sharing and communicating is very important if you want to become a teacher, so this will be a step in the right direction. If you don’t have this passion, it will start to feel like any other job very quickly, and you’ll burn out.

6. Do you enjoy learning?
A great yoga teacher never stops learning and improving their craft. If learning is a pleasure to you, it can lead you to some pretty amazing results in the long-term. The beautiful challenge here is that you’re constantly learning about your own body, how it works and how each part of our body is integrated into the yoga poses. If you are turned on by learning about the human body, teaching yoga will definitely be fulfilling for you.
7. Are you are surrounded by open-minded people?
An open-mind is mandatory to continuously stay inspired, and to continue exploring your true purpose as a yoga teacher. The people who don`t understand wht you`re doing and why will sadly fade away, and you have to be prepared for this. Don`t worry, it`ll feel like the right thing when it happens. But also by being authentic, you will organically surround yourself with likeminded people. Your path and you life`s work will be more supported by these people and you will feel empowered to carry on.
8. Are you ready to make some changes in your life?
Yoga is a path of discipline. Naturally, being a yoga teacher does require you to make some changes. If you are up for that, then you are ready to pursue this path. Great yoga teachers don’t teach from theory, but from their actual life-experience. To know the path, you must become the path, as they say.
Yes, becoming a yoga teacher is a challenge, but no path is more rewarding. It’s a unique lifestyle and one that inspires consistent growth if you are up for it. At the East West Yoga Institute, we train students from all over the world to become successful yoga teachers. We combine authentic Indian teachers with popular western teachers, so students can experience the real depth of the practice, along with the practical information involved in building a yoga career. Check out our website for more information on our trainings and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Julia Ruff, Certified Yoga Instructor.