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Each retreat is a unique experience designed to meet your individual health care goals. Choose from our most popular retreats or contact us to create a completely customized experience.


~ ADVANCE YOUR HEALTH – Get away to paradise to take your health to the next level. We have created the perfect environment for you to learn how to cultivate thriving health.

~ CHANGE ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS – Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Join us to get to the root of your behavioral patterns and learn to make healthier lifestyle routines.

~ CONCIERGE MEDICINE/ MEDICAL TOURISM- Allow our team of caring professionals to assist you in coordinating all of your desired medical care treatments. Choose from our large network of doctors who are internationally trained and ready to work with you. All types of medical care is available in Costa RIca including plastic surgery, eye care, dental, orthopedics, pain management, stem cell and more. We will assist you in becoming the healthiest you to ensure the best results from your medical tourist experience.
~ DETOX– We know we are living in a toxic era. Why not invest the time and energy to cleanse your body on a regular basis to maintain health in an unhealthy world.

~ REDUCE STRESS & INFLAMMATION – Inflammation is at the root of most diseases. Luckily there are many easy and natural ways to reduce inflammation and stress. Join us to learn what methods work best for your individual needs.

~ TIMELESS BEAUTY – True beauty comes from the inside out. Come to Costa Rica to relax, rejuvenate, and focus on all things beautiful. We can easily incorporate cutting edge dermatological procedures with time tested natural remedies to ensure your radiant glow.

~ WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – Are you looking to reach your ideal weight and need some help? We are here to help you get in shape, improve digestion and overcome your weight management struggle.

Level 1- All Inclusive

Our all inclusive retreat is designed for those looking to make a life changing impact on their health. Together we will learn and explore many treatment modalities that will assist in restoring your health. If you are going through a major life transition, recently received a concerning diagnosis, have not found the right treatment for your condition, or are looking to change addictive behavioral patterns this is the program for you. You will have unlimited access to all of our integrative medical treatments as we work together to create a customized program that will help you meet your health goals. This package includes your private ocean view suite, 3 local organic meals per day, juice fasting if desired, daily yoga, qi gong, or meditation, and all access to our integrative medical treatments. Prices start at $695 per night, $3,900 per week, or $14,500 per month. Bring a friend, share your room and get an even better price and experience. Shared room rate is $575 per person per night, $3,300 pp/ per week, $12,500 pp/ per month.

Level 2- Wellness Vacation

Are you looking for a healthy getaway? Join us in paradise to focus on your health in a peaceful environment with like minded people. Surround yourself with nature while we focus on cultivating your health. Your wellness vacation will include your ocean view suite, three local organic meals per day, daily yoga, qi gong, or meditation, an integrative medical consultation, wellness plan & treatment, group health classes, a 20% discount on all of our treatment options, and assistance with planning adventure tours and your perfect healthy vacation. Prices start at $349 per night, $1,900 per week, or $7,000 per month. Bring a friend, share your room and get an even better price and experience. Shared room rate is $299 per person per night, $1,500 pp/ per week, or $5,500 pp/ per month.

Level 3- Sabbatical

Are you an entrepreneur, creative type, or freelancer looking to work in paradise? Do you want to get away for a healthy break from the stresses of daily life? Join us in Costa Rica to get inspired and get focused! Create your next big idea, plan the next chapter of your life, or build your tribe in this comfortable and quiet setting surrounded by nature and like minded people. You choose from one week to one month or more stay and we will provide a calm and creative space for you to work and be inspired! Your sabbatical includes an ocean view suite, a welcome dinner, daily breakfast, yoga, qi gong or meditation classes if desired, access to work stations, high speed internet, and assistance from our caring staff to help you plan your activities and adventures while here. You will also receive a 20% discount on our in house a la carte wellness services. Prices are $700 per person per week or $2,500 pp/ per month. Bring a friend, share your room and get an even better price and experience. Shared room rate is $550 per person per week, or $1,800 pp/ per month.

Host your own retreat

Are you a retreat leader looking for a memorable space to host your group? Our center can hold up to 15 people and we have room for overflow at a near by hotel if needed. Contact us for availability and pricing information.

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