What is conscious nutrition, wellness education and authentic travel?

Conscious nutrition: Now more than ever it is imperative for our health and the health of the planet to become conscious of our nutrition. Everything we consume has a cause and effect within our body and the world around us. Join us for a retreat and learn about where your food currently comes from, how its grown, and how you can source and prepare your own. Empower yourself by learning how food impacts all aspects of our health. Authentic Travel: Authentic travel is the ability to let go of assumptions and connect with different cultures and lifestyles. This is a no wristband approach to travel.… Read More

Dentistry in Costa Rica

Get your dental work done while enjoying the beautiful, green and peaceful Costa Rica! The holistic dentistry here is the best in the world. We’ll make all your appointments, and arrange transportation. In between appointments, you can participate in our life transforming program, that includes nutrition education, colon cleansing, detox and an array of Integrative Medical treatments. Here are two examples of dental health situations made simple, painless and inexpensive here in Costa Rica: First let’s talk about Mercury. In the US most dentists don’t consider Mercury poisoning as a cause of their patients’ depression. If the patient insists on having the Mercury removed it is expensive ($1000/tooth) and dangerous; the Mercury is drilled out of the teeth, creating a fine mist in the air of poisonous Mercury.… Read More

Wellness in Bird Watching

The Wellness in Bird Watching When was the last time you let the soft pink and blues of sunrise gently wake you? Did you have time to sleepy watch the colors melt into morning and hear the first sounds of birds from your bed. That’s the thing about the ocean view from Eden Retreat Center in Monte Eden, Costa Rica: it reveals these little pockets of beauty and time you didn’t know existed before. While the view overlooking the sliver of land across the Nicoya Gulf and the curves of the Rio Tarcoles emptying into the Pacific is stunning any time of day, something special happens during sunrise and sunset.… Read More

8 questions to ask yourself before becoming a yoga instructor!

Teaching yoga requires a great amount of passion, consistency and focus. It also requires you to be very committed to the art of sharing. But atop of all these, the most important qualities are emotional stability and patience. The truth is that not everyone is ready to become a yoga teacher who wish to. Are you? Let’s find out! Here are eight questions you`ve got to ask yourself if you`re considering becoming a yoga teacher. 1. Are you practicing yoga reguarly? I`m just going to say it, if you don`t have a regular yoga practice, you’re not ready to be a teacher yet.… Read More

What is PTSD and how do we begin to heal?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a life threatening or terrifying event- either experiencing it or witnessing it. Most people who go through a traumatic event may have temporary difficulty adjusting and coping that can last for months or even years. There is hope! With time, a supportive team, a healthy environment, and good self care the symptoms will become manageable and life can get better. Getting effective treatment after the PTSD symptoms develop can be critical to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Common causes for PTSD are: Experiencing intense long lasting trauma like combat exposure, or emergency first responders Having experienced an abusive or traumatic childhood Physical or Sexual Assault Being threatened with a weapon Other traumatic events such as an accident, fire, natural disaster, robbery, plane crash, torture, kidnapping, life-threatening diagnosis, terrorist attack, or other extreme life-threatening events.… Read More