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5 ways to stop inflammation from killing you!

How to treat chronic inflammatory diseases with integrative medicine We hear about it every day. The constant damage that inflammation and chronic diseases have on our bodies and on our health care system. Currently these diseases are the leading cause of death for those in the modern world; drastically impact our quality of life. The high cost of treatment for these diseases is crippling our healthcare system. Trillions of dollars are spent annually to treat these disorders with little relief experienced. Americans take over 30 billion doses of prescription or over the counter anti-inflammatories every year and yet the disease and death rates continue to climb.… Read More

The Pillars of Wellness: How bowel reprograming can reduce inflammation

Contact us to learn how to reduce your inflammation Our Pillars of Wellness How bowel reprograming can reduce inflammatory disease At Eden we believe there are some basic pillars to good health. We apply these pillars as the foundation of our health care routines and wellness retreats. Our principle pillars are clean nutrition, proper bowel function through bowel reprograming, mental, emotional and physical well being. I will go into detail about each pillar to help give you a better understanding of why these things are critical to cultivating thriving health. Inflammatory disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world and given the wide variety of diagnosis related to inflammation the cost of treating inflammation is in the trillions globally.… Read More

5 steps to create your ideal diet!

5 steps to create your ideal diet plan Sign me up! 5 steps to creating your unique dietary plan Forget the fad diets! You are not a fad and neither should your dietary choices be. Thanks to modern technology we no longer need to experiment with our health and nutrition. With a few relatively painless exams and some easy journaling it is very easy to identify exactly what foods are best suited for your individual needs. We are pleased to offer you assistance in creating your individual health plan by ordering your lab work, giving you journaling assignments, and having a one on one consultation to go over your results and create your dietary and lifestyle plan.… Read More

What is a structured sabbatical and why you need one

What is a Structured Sabbatical? Are you stuck in a rut, feeling unsettled, or simply looking for new inspiration? Maybe it’s time you consider a change of scenery. Have you thought about taking your show on the road and exploring what the world has to offer you? A structured sabbatical may be just what you need to to put that spark back and ignite the next chapter of your life. Surrounding yourself with like minded people, in a peaceful environment, immersed in nature and full of adventure may be just what the doctor ordered!!!! Here are 4 Reasons you need a Structured Sabbatical NOW!!!… Read More

EFT or Tapping- How it works and why do it.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping is part of the new field of Energy Medicine. For 40 years, science has known that our beliefs affect our physiology at the cellular level. EFT combines Acupressure and Self Hypnosis to become a very powerful healing tool. It has proven to be very effective in helping with issues of severe abuse, guilt, shame, as well as healing the emotional and physical bodies. You can Tap on yourself standing, sitting or lying down. You can also Tap on your loved ones or patients. If they are laying down you sit or stand at the head of the massage table or bed.… Read More