Work in paradise as a digital nomad!

3 Benefits of being a Digital Nomad If you are lucky enough to have a internet based job then you have the ability to work from anywhere in the world that has decent wifi. What a gift! As infrastructure is improving globally your office space is only limited by your imagination. Are you ready to hit the road and take advantage of the opportunities life has to offer you? Here are the top three reasons for you to become a digital nomad! 1. Travel– It’s your time to get out and see the world. Extended stays abroad can be the most affordable way to travel.… Read More

What is concierge medicine and medical tourism all about?

Have you ever considered traveling for affordable world class healthcare? Where do you start? Who do you call? How do you know if you can trust the health care provider? Allow our team of caring professionals at Eden Retreat Center to help you through this process with ease. Costa Rica is a world leader in medical tourism and is known for providing excellent and affordable health care. Millions of tourists flock to Costa Rica every year to soak up its natural beauty and enjoy all this topical paradise has to offer. Here at Eden we combine a healthy vacation with all the medical care this country has to offer.… Read More

What does it mean to be toxic?

One of our recent guests was at Eden to get healthy before a shoulder surgery. When his shoulder pain completely vanished after one week of his detox retreat, he was astonished and in disbelief. After a short conversation about toxicity in the body and the importance of maintaining a healthy functioning body we saw his light bulb come on. The following explanation convinced him of the sound science behind detoxification as surgery prevention. There is an intimate relationship between all body fluids and the anatomy and physiology of the digestive and elimination systems. The mucous lining of our digestive tract, from mouth to anus is a semipermeable membrane facilitating the movement of nutrients into the blood and waste products out of the blood.… Read More

4 ways to decrease the effects of autoimmune disease and inflammation

What are autoimmune diseases and why are they so common these days? Autoimmune diseases are on the rise in our modern society. In 2012 14.7 million Americans were diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. This year an estimated 50 million people will be diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. That is a significant increase in a short amount of time. There are currently over 80 disease that qualify as autoimmune. The most common are rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases, lyme’s disease, herpes, hepatitis, liver disease, anemia, MS, and many skin conditions. Why is this happening? There are varying opinions as to why this is happening and what the root causes are.… Read More

Help for high functioning addicts

Signs you may be a high functioning addict and what you can do When we think of addicts our vision may go to a shopping cart pushing, disheveled person who lives under a bridge and talks to themselves. Although this does exist the reality is the vast majority of addicts are highly functioning individuals who can hold down a job, maintain family & social connections, and appear to be normal. Addicts can be found in places such as hospitals, business offices, movie sets and teacher’s lounges. Addicts are frequently highly driven and successful people who seek extremes in life. From the outside these people seem to have it together but on the inside they can be riddled with anxiety, depression, regret, self doubt, loneliness and lack of connection or focus.… Read More