The BE WELL program will identify the root cause of your dis~ease and provide you with a plan of action to begin the transformation of your health.

The be well program is designed for people who really want to begin their journey to sustained health and wellness. This 4 week program will give you a better understanding of what good health looks like and how to obtain it. It is designed for people who want to learn more about their personal health or for those who are struggling with a health condition and want to learn an Integrative Medical approach to healing the body. Your program includes an in depth look into your health from both an Eastern and Western medical perspective. You will gain a deeper understanding of what good health is and how to cultivate it. You will receive journaling assignments throughout your program that will help to identify the root cause of your disease. Once you have completed your online program you and I will have a one on one consultation. I will then create a personalized health plan including lifestyle and dietary recommendations, a deeper understanding of your constitution and how to nourish it, as well as supplemental recommendations tailored to meet your individual needs.

Your investment for this program is $149 and payments can be made via Paypal.

Week 1- Learn what makes you tick. You will receive and introduction to your body and gain a deeper understanding of how it should function from both an Eastern and Western medical approach. You will fill out a questionnaire that will help identify your element and constitution. You will also receive a complete intake form in order for you and I to gain a better understanding of your health situation and needs.

Week 2- Understanding the cycles of life. This week you will take an in depth look at daily, yearly and life long cycles. You will understand where you are at on your journey and learn how to live in harmony with these cycles.

Week 3-“Let thy food be thy medicine” Hippocrates. Since the dawn of modern medicine we have understood the importance of nutrition as it pertains to overall health and well being. During this week you will learn about the basics of nutrition and what is the correct amount of macronutrients for your individual needs. You will dive into modern nutrition, which takes a look at where we are as a society in regards to food and where we are headed with the modern industrialization of food. Through journaling you will look at patterns in your own nutritional choices and begin to identify areas that need to shift.

Week 4– Let’s talk about it. You and I will schedule your online live consultation. We will go through all of the work you have done in the previous weeks and begin to understand your unique health concerns. We will identify your patterns and create a health plan that will nourish your element and meet the nutritional needs of your indidvidual body. I will create a health plan for you that lays out many wellness tips to easily incorporate into your life to create sustainable health. We will work together to get to the root cause of your dis-ease and begin to transform your health and vitality.

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