Do you want to further your own understanding of real health and learn how to help others?

Eden retreat center is honored to present you with the opportunity to deepen your understanding of health and wellness in every aspect.  Upon completion of our wellness coaching program, you will have the tools to improve your own life as well as the lives of those around you. Our program will give you the necessary information to empower you and teach you how to share your knowledge and experience with others as you guide them along their path to better living. When you are ready to transform your life we are here to help.

Our 6 month program offers a unique blend of online course work with an option of joining us for clinical hands on experience at our retreat center in Costa Rica. Each module presents in depth knowledge about health, wellness, nutrition, coaching techniques, business building skills, and hands on clinical experience. Learn to help yourself and those around you while transforming your life and career into a rewarding experience.

The online portion of our program is $999 USD and includes all 5 modules.

The in person two week, 100 hour, all inclusive hands on clinical experience is $1,500 USD.


Module 1: Foundations

In this module you will get an introduction to eastern, western, and integrative medical philosophies. You will gain a better understanding of how these forms of medicine work and how you can begin to apply these theories into your life and practice. Your course will include reading assignments, access to instructors to help you with the material, and a final exam.

Module 2: Modern Nutrition

This course takes a look at where we are with modern nutrition, how it is effecting the general population and planet, and how to make proper dietary recomendations. You will gain a better understanding of the variety of dietary options and how to choose which nutrition choices are best for you and your clients.

Module 3: Integrated Healing

This module will teach you many approaches to physical, mental, and emotional healing. You will be presented with information about the many healing techniques we use during our retreats and learn how to implement and customize them to meet you and your clients individual needs.

Module 4: Coaching Techniques

In this module you will learn necesarry techniques to advance your coaching skills. Learn how to do a thorough health intake which will give you a deeper understanding of your clients physical, emotional and spiritual needs. From there you can begin to create your wellness plan for your clients.

Module 5: Business Building

In this module you will learn the basics of business building in the modern era. We will dive into topics such as marketing, social media, websites, the importance of branding, when and how to write your book, networking, team building, business planning, building your client list, screening your clients to find the best fit, how to deal with difficult clients, coaching ethics, workshop and retreat design, do’s and dont’s. With this information you will have the fundamentals to begin to build your career.

Module 6: Clinical Retreat Experience

Join us at Eden Retreat Costa Rica for your hands on clinical experience. You will have food and accomodations provided at our retreat center while you spend 100 hours over a two week period assisting in the facilitation of our retreats. You will gain real experience in working with clients face to face and how retreats work. This knowledge will be indespensible when building your own practice. Acceptance into this portion of the program is merit based and at the discretion of the retreat leaders.

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