Help for high functioning addicts

Signs you may be a high functioning addict and what you can do When we think of addicts our vision may go to a shopping cart pushing, disheveled person who lives under a bridge and talks to themselves. Although this does exist the reality is the vast majority of addicts are highly functioning individuals who can hold down a job, maintain family & social connections, and appear to be normal. Addicts can be found in places such as hospitals, business offices, movie sets and teacher’s lounges. Addicts are frequently highly driven and successful people who seek extremes in life. From the outside these people seem to have it together but on the inside they can be riddled with anxiety, depression, regret, self doubt, loneliness and lack of connection or focus.… Read More

Ozone Therapy- A secret weapon in the fight against autoimminue disorders, infectious disease, and health deterioration.

Discovered in the early 1950’s ozone was first used to treat infected wounds in soldiers. It has since been found to relieve pain, kill viruses, and is a powerful detox agent . Recent research shows that ozone therapy can be effective in the treatment of heart disease, circulatory disorders, chronic diseases such as aids, hepatitis, & lyme, herniated disks, infectious diseases, chronic pain, cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, tooth decay and so much more. Even though there is great deal of research and evidence to support the treatment benefits of ozone sadly main stream medicine has mostly ignored it, instead choosing antibiotics as the first line of defense.… Read More

5 ways to stop inflammation from killing you!

How to treat chronic inflammatory diseases with integrative medicine We hear about it every day. The constant damage that inflammation and chronic diseases have on our bodies and on our health care system. Currently these diseases are the leading cause of death for those in the modern world; drastically impact our quality of life. The high cost of treatment for these diseases is crippling our healthcare system. Trillions of dollars are spent annually to treat these disorders with little relief experienced. Americans take over 30 billion doses of prescription or over the counter anti-inflammatories every year and yet the disease and death rates continue to climb.… Read More

The Pillars of Wellness: How bowel reprograming can reduce inflammation

Contact us to learn how to reduce your inflammation Our Pillars of Wellness How bowel reprograming can reduce inflammatory disease At Eden we believe there are some basic pillars to good health. We apply these pillars as the foundation of our health care routines and wellness retreats. Our principle pillars are clean nutrition, proper bowel function through bowel reprograming, mental, emotional and physical well being. I will go into detail about each pillar to help give you a better understanding of why these things are critical to cultivating thriving health. Inflammatory disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world and given the wide variety of diagnosis related to inflammation the cost of treating inflammation is in the trillions globally.… Read More