Conscious nutrition:
Now more than ever it is imperative for our health and the health of the planet to become conscious of our nutrition. Everything we consume has a cause and effect within our body and the world around us. Join us for a retreat and learn about where your food currently comes from, how its grown, and how you can source and prepare your own. Empower yourself by learning how food impacts all aspects of our health.
Authentic Travel:
Authentic travel is the ability to let go of assumptions and connect with different cultures and lifestyles. This is a no wristband approach to travel. With years of regional expertise, we partner with local communities to create a unique, in depth cultural interactions. Our tours will introduce you to some of the most sustainable, happy, and deeply traditional cultures in Central and South America. In an effort to become more interconnected, 10% of our trip costs goes back to local projects that support sustainable agriculture and education. When you find you are ready to explore, connect with yourself and these ancient regions we will co-create an experience that will be transformational.
Wellness Education:
There are thousands of simple, effective, and natural ways to cultivate thriving health and wellness for yourself. Learn to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health with our various courses offered during your retreat stay. Our most popular courses are:
Simple healing with Oriental Medicine
Oriental Medicine has a 5,000 year recorded history and offers a wide variety of treatment options. At Eden we will give you an overview of the medical theory and discuss and demonstrate some easy and effective ways for you to incorporate some of these healing treatments at home
Detox done easy and safe
Detox is the new “buzz” word in nutrition and there are at least a million books and articles about it. We will cover all of the popular detox programs and help you decide which is best for you. You will also learn how to detox safely and effectively in your everyday life.
Where does our food come from
Gain a deeper understanding of our modern industrial food complex and how it is impacting your health and the health of our planet. Also get a hands on education about what local, organic, sustainable farming practices look like and how you can do it yourself. Let’s learn what farm to table is all about and how you can participate in this movement any where on the planet.
Making conscious nutrition choices
Understanding your body’s unique needs through allergy testing and food journaling. Why Organic? Vegan, Meat or Fish, What’s safe?
Slow food movement and cooking demonstrations
Enjoy a fun and relaxing evening together as we take our sweet time to prepare a delicious farm to table meal to be enjoyed by all. Participate in the process as we harvest, prepare, cook and enjoy some home cooked goodness
Clean air, water, & food
The trifecta of good health. Let’s talk about why these basic building blocks of life have become so toxic and what we can do in our homes to improve the situation
Oxygen Therapy
Decreased oxygen utilization has a direct effect on mitochondrial and cellular function resulting in the rapid advancement of aging. Nerdy…I know, but it’s true! During this class we will gain a deeper understanding of processes of the body and how oxygen is a critical factor in the vitality of every human cell. We will also learn a variety of ways to increase your oxygen levels naturally.
Simple home remedies for common ailments
Learn how to ease your dis-ease at home naturally with common kitchen ingredients. We’ll learn about home remedies for colds, fevers, aches, pains, inflammation, stomach problems and more
Cleansing with hydrotherapy
The use of water for cleansing is a practice that dates back for thousands of years. Let’s learn the history of hydrotherapy and some of the easy techniques that you can implement in your daily health routine
Overview of natural & integrative medicine
Let’s take a look at these ancient and emerging fields of medicine. What are the varieties of treatment options and which ones might work for you
Environmental Toxicity
Where does it come from, how it impacts life, and how to remove it.
How to reduce inflammation naturally
There are many easy natural and daily practices you can incorporate into your routine that will reduce inflammation and improve your overall wellness
Build your mental health toolbox
Your mental health is a critical factor in life. Unfortunately many of us were not given the tools to deal with the common stressors that we all experience. This class will present new perspectives and approaches to improving your mental health naturally
Sexual health and disease treatment and prevention
My Yoni works! Does yours? Join us for our Yoni Works Series to learn about sexual health. Let’s find out what a healthy sex life looks like for you and how you can work to create that for yourself. We will also take a look at how to maintain a healthy mind and body so you can have the best experience possible.
Healthy Fasting
Fasting is a wonderful healthy practice which can also be harmful when done to extremes. Learn the many ways to fast and discover the best techniques for you
Raising a healthy family
As a mother of two and an Integrative Medical Doctor I feel I have a unique perspective on how to care for your families common ailments safely and at home.
Building your source energy
Qi or Chi is the basic energy that runs through everything and keeps it moving. It’s the force that opens your eyes in the morning and propels you through your day. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn some ways to cultivate your Qi and improve your energy levels?
Autoimmune disease and solutions
There is no doubt that Autoimmune disease is on the rise all over the world. Although the causes are varied and often unknown there are many things that can be done to improve your immune system and ability to deal with disease.
Another look into diabetes
The first line of defense for diabetes is diet and lifestyle. But how do we know what diet is best for us and which lifestyle choices work best? Let’s talk about the wide variety of diet and lifestyle choices and which ones are best for you.
Movement Therapy
Let’s get moving! Stagnation or lack of movement is at the root cause of many diseases and discomforts in life. Let’s look at a variety of ways to get moving so we can find what works for you. We will work with yoga, qi gong, tai chi, martial arts, acro-yoga, pole, and more to find what movement therapy is best for you.
Improving gut health
Modern medicine is proving what many ancient cultures have known since the dawn of time, digestive function is critical to overall health. We will take an indepth look at the many ways to improve digestive health so we can find which techniques will work for you.
The importance of oral
Health that is. How to care for your oral health for a lifetime of overall wellness.
Reducing addictive patterns naturally
Addiction comes in many forms.
Food, sex, drugs, shopping, alcohol, work, gambling…the list goes on. We will take on honest look at which behaviors are negatively affecting our lives, and work together to identify the roots of addiction and how to change those behavioral patterns so you can walk your authentic path.
Art and color therapy
Art is a powerful form of expression. Many of us rarely get the opportunity to fully express ourselves and doing so through art can be both positive and cathartic. We are happy to create the environment where you are able to freely experiment with your own art.
Learn to love the skin you’re in!
There are many ways to care for the many types of skin that we have. We will take an interactive approach to showing you how to care for your unique skin.
Artificial Stuff Sucks! Let’s learn how it impacts your health and how to remove as much as possible from you life.
When you are ready we are here!