Physical health is critical for overall health and wellbeing. Our retreats offer many ways to start or add to your fitness routine. The main objective of Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation is to help the practitioner cultivate an awareness of self and our connectedness to all things. It is about creating balance and calmness to live in peace, good health and harmony. By practicing these methods, we come to know our oneness with the infinite wisdom, source energy, power, god or joy which gives life to all and which is the essence of our own self. Today’s scientific investigation is rapidly changing the way we view ourselves and the world.

The traditional, materialistic conception of life has vanished with the discovery that matter and energy are essentially one: every existing substance can be reduced to a pattern or form of energy which interacts and interconnects with other forms. Some of today’s most celebrated physicists go a step further, identifying consciousness as the fundamental ground of all being. Thus modern science is confirming the ancient principles which proclaim that we are all an extension of source energy.

At your retreat we will practice and learn about all of these methods. We will go into detail about the poses, practices and philosophies of each style so that you can decide which techniques you can incorporate into your lifelong healing journey.

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