Eden Retreat is committed to helping clients learn how to examine all areas of their lives; physical, mental and spiritual. Our integrative and functional medicine approach allow us to offer unique and personalized retreat experience designed to teach you how to cultivate thriving health. Each guest has an opportunity to meet one-on-one with Dr. Randi Raymond for a health consultation at our ocean view Costa Rica Retreat Center in Jaco, Costa Rica

We offer the following wellness services on-site or nearby via our concierge medicine:


Relaxation Massage $50 per hour
Therapeutic Massage $80 per hour
Acu/Massage $120
Integrative Medical Consultation and Wellness Plan $120
Life or Nutritional Coaching $90 per session
Facial $50
Ion foot bath $60
Colonics $65
Ozone Therapy $40

Adventure Tours

Costa Rica is a world famous destination for thrill seekers and nature lovers. We at Eden are happy to assist you in adding adventure tours to your retreat. Here is a list of some of the adventure tours that can be added to your retreat experience.
Waterfall Tour
Surfing Lessons
Jungle Hikes
Suspension Bridges
Ziplining Tours
Horseback Riding
Bird Watching
White Water Rafting
Crocodile Tours
Fishing Trips
Sunset Cruises
Volcano Tours
Hot Spring Excursions
Sky Tram
Mountain Biking
Island getaways
SUP- Stand up paddle tours
Scuba Diving
ATV Tours
National Park Tours