Peru Mystic Adventure 

August  2018!


This experience is designed to allow you to delve into the world of Peruvian plant medicine and Andean mysticism. Partnering with local shamans, boutique farms, weavers, and culinary experts, our full time private guide creates an on-the-ground authentic experience that works to align mind, body, and spirit with the pachamama.
Includes: A Peruvian Fusion Culinary Experience, Private Boutique Accommodations, 24/7 Private Professional Guide, Traditional Andean Ceremony Trek with Local Shaman, Plant Medicine Farm and Indigenous Seed Bank Tour, Guided Hikes to Archaeological Sites, Daily Yoga and Meditation , Cultural Reader, and Private Transportation.


Day 1- Grounding In Historic Cusco
Spend the morning learning about classical Ica architecture in Cusco’s historic zone. Dive into Peru’s expensive plant medicine tradition with local specialist Milagra at her natural medicine museum. End the day by exploring Peru’s diverse culinary scene at the Cusco’s best Fusion Chifa restaurants.
Day 2- Connection at Inca Ruins and a Coca Leaf Ceremony
Explore the narrow streets Cusco’s oldest San Blas neighborhood. Discover how Peruvians stay health with a typical breakfast from a casera at the San Blas Market. Walk among the giant stone walls of the Sacsayhuaman ruins complex for a deeper understanding of Inca culture. Learn about the importance of the coca leaf in Peruvian pray in a ceremony at the Temple of the Moon ruins. Try a traditional Peruvian dish at one of Cusco’s best restaurants. Watch the sunset with a local beer or traditional fermented chicha beverage overlooking the imperial city.
Day 3- Traditional Immersion in the Sacred Valley
Descend into the Sacred Valley to wander the streets of the mystical Pisac market. Learn about the region’s famous natural weaving tradition and fair trade practices. Connect with a local family’s boutique essential oil farm and spend the night in a cozy adobe cabin to catch the brilliance of Southern Milky Way with a bonfire and evening meditation.
Day 4-  Find Clarity with a Mountain Shamanic Ceremony
Spend the day hiking to a sacred mountain “Apu” in the Sacred Valley. Connect with our trusted local shaman from the Ausengate region for a traditional “limpieza” or mental/spiritual cleansing ceremony. Open to yourself to a deeper connection to pachamama with a plant medicine ceremony. A professional local photographer will accompany our journey to capture the highlights of this experience so you can be present without electronic distractions
4 Day- Mystic Adventure Package: $1950 


3 Day add-on Options: Your choice! Prices start at $1,500 per person
Secrets of the Sacred Valley: Off the beaten track ruins and hot springs
Apu Ausangate Trek: Explore the mountains of the sacred Apu Ausangate
Manu Jungle Tour: Discover the Amazon region and connect to local shamans
Sunrise Hike to Machu Picchu: Train to Peru’s most famous ruins with guided tour *Additional charges for Transportation*
Comfortable hiking shoes and socks, rain jacket, warm coat, long pants and shirts, warm pajamas, large reusable water bottle, small day backpack and camera.
Sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, hat, chap stick, hand sanitizer, contact solution, personal towel, and personal medications.
We recommend bringing one semi-formal outfit for dinners and encourage you to dress in simple, modest clothing for the rest of the trip. Basic personal toiletries and pharmacy items are easily accessible in Cusco or Lima.
We begin in Cusco, the Imperial city, in the heart of the Andes at 3,399 meters. Expect to be short of breath and with a slight headache for the first few days while your body acclimatizes. We recommend coca leaf tea and drinking lots of water. Weather is sunny and warm in the day and cold at night. Pack a warm jacket as the weather easily changes and sturdy shoes for cobblestone streets.
Plan for a few hours of hiking in the mountains to see ruins and make a traditional ceremony on days 2, 3, 4. Hiking in the Andes is seen as a meditative practice and will be catered to your physical ability. We do recommend moderate daily exercise for two week prior to arrival so you are able to fully enjoy the mountain experience.
Please bring a reusable water bottle. We will provide clean drinking, but please be aware that tap water in Peru is not safe for drinking. Please bring sun protection and sunglasses as the high elevation exposes you to stronger UV rays.
It is often recommended by doctors to bring high altitude medication and/or malaria medication along with routine travel vaccinations. While the vaccinations are required upon entry into the country, we have not found these high altitude elevation or malaria medication necessary. Please consult with your doctor.
Peru has an amazingly rich biodiversity that results from varied geography ranging from the high Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest to desert coastal regions. With 47 different languages and nearly half of the population indigenous peoples Peru’s rich cultural roots serve as a unique fusion of culinary and mystic experiences. It’s stable economy and welcoming attitude make it safe and exciting place for exploration.
Start Dates:
May 21st and 28th
July 15th, and 22nd
August  5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th
May 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th
July 7th, 14th, & 21st
August 4th,11th, 18th, & 25th

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