PRP & Stem Cell Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a concentration of the body’s own healing mechanisms used to stimulate the healing process. It is similar to Stem Cell therapy in that it can promote cell regeneration and rejuvenation.

Injury Repair

The body delivers platelet cells first to soft tissue injuries in the body.

Platelets are packed with growth and healing factors. They initiate repair and attract critical assistance of stem cells.

PRP therapies augment the body’s efforts to heal by delivering a higher concentration of platelets to the injury.

A PRP therapy is created by drawing a small sample of your blood (similar to a lab test sample) and placing it in a centrifuge. The blood sample is then spun at high speeds. The platelets are separated from the other blood components and then injected to the area of concern.

The body’s natural healing signal is jump-started and significantly strengthened by this process.


PRP is also used for anti-aging treatments, and can be thought of as “mother nature’s botox’.

There is no risk of a transmissible infection, and a very low risk of allergic reaction because your own blood is used.

Also, we work with top stem cell facilities in Costa Rica to provide you leading stem cell treatments. These can effectively treat a wide variety of disease and discomforts.

Our concierge medicine service can help you schedule these treatments while you enjoy one of our retreats in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Health Transformation Retreats

Premium Health Transformation

Are you are at a point in life when you want to create a personal change? If so we encourage you to try this retreat and our holistic health services.

Most importantly, we focus on all areas of your life; physical fitness, behavioral patterns, emotional well-being and financial health to coach you back to sustainable living routines.

Guests wanting this kind of personal transformation typically require a minimum stay of 10 days. Many guests end up coming for 2 weeks – 1 month.

Let us help you decide what will serve you best to help create a meaningful life.

Wellness Vacations

Another option is our wellness vacations. This is for guests that need a break from their busy daily routine and want a health reset.

We offer ocean-view suites, pool lounging areas, daily organic meals, juicing, fitness and meditation activities, health spa services and integrative medical consultations. Typical stays are 7 – 10 days.

Healthy Nomad Stay

Our Healthy Nomad Stays are for travelers looking to reconnect with their physical goals and spiritual growth while working in or exploring Costa Rica. Take advantage of our organic meals, fitness classes, health spa services, ocean-view suites and pool lounging areas.

Finally, if you are unable to travel to Costa Rica we can also assist you online with our one-on-one coaching.