Modern research is beginning to prove the ancient theory that inflammation (or heat) in the body is at the root cause of most diseases. Due to the ever increasing exposure to chemicals in our air, food and water, the human body is constantly under stress and inflammation as a response. When you factor in the mental stress of our day to day lives, it’s no wonder dis-ease is on the rise in modern cultures. Join us for a minimum of 6 nights as we discover many natural and easy ways to detoxify, reduce inflammation in the body, and manage stress levels.

Your unique retreat experience will be designed to detoxify the body, reducing cortisol and inflammation in the body. We will also teach you many tools that will help to manage mental stress, help maintain a healthy weight, and reduce the effects of daily stressors on your body. You  will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after your retreat experience and you will have the tools to continue that feeling back at home. The investment in your health starts at $349 per night with a recommended minimum 6-night stay.


Your retreat will include:

  • Pre- arrival wellness consultation
  • Integrative medical evaluation and treatment
  • Individualized wellness plan
  • Daily meetings with a health coach
  • Private Ocean View Suite
  • 3 local organic meals per day
  • Access to daily classes- including yoga, qi gong, meditation, cooking classes, health classes, and experiential activities.
  • Access to Integrative & Western Medical Treatments
  • Round-trip airport transportation from San Jose International Airport Costa Rica
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