A Turning Point in Healthcare

Advances in modern medicine are helping people live better and longer lives.

However, western culture isn’t always supportive of our health and healthcare.

The social environment in the west presents many obstacles to recognize and prevent health problems before they start.

Examples are attitudes towards wellness and the influence of agribusiness and pharmaceuticals.

Many people balk at the idea of throwing out western healthcare and replacing it with eastern medicine and alternative practices. These practices too have their own flaws.

So, if no approach is perfect, what is the best way forward?

Dr. Randi Raymond asks readers to consider integrative medicine.

This system takes the best of Western and Eastern medicine and presents patients with options. Therefore, integrative medicine emphasizes modernity and science while also valuing preventive care and time-honored lifestyle habits.

With this approach, people can respect their health and make informed choices.

Above all, they can better choose what they eat, which medicines to use, and how to exercise. This is in service of their physical, mental and psychological wellness.

A Turning Point in Healthcare offers readers a springboard to discover alternatives to the either-or approach to health.

For those who are curious about what else they can be doing for their quality of life, this book is not to be missed.