Be Well – Online Health and Wellness Program

The BE WELL personalized course is a 4-week, online wellness program. It is designed to accommodate your busy schedule and get you on a path to sustainable health.

We will identify the root cause of your discomfort(s) and finally, provide you with a plan of action to meet your personal goals.


Our 4-week online wellness program provides you a better understanding of what good health looks like and above all how to obtain it.

For many, being treated solely with a western approach is too narrow and consequently not offering sufficient relief.

So, this program is for people that want to create personal, balanced health from an integrated medicine perspective.

Using critical reflection with journaling and private consultations, we will strive to create a balanced body and mind for consistent inner peace.

Your online wellness program includes an in depth look into your health from both an Eastern and Western medical perspectives. It also includes online evaluations and readers.


You will receive:

  • 2 medical evaluations to identify the root causes of your discomfort
  • 3 Integrative Medicine E-Readers
  • Journaling assignments

After the online segment, you will have a one-on-one, virtual consultation with Dr. Randi Raymond.

She will identify patterns affecting your health.

And most importantly she will deliver a personalized health plan to nourish your element composition, individual lifestyle and dietary needs.

Her plans include tips and tools that are easy to incorporate into you daily routines.

Dr. Randi will also use her experience and knowledge to give you a better understanding of your constitution. As a result, you can make appropriate decisions moving forward for a positive life transformation.

Price: $150.00

Week 1

Learn What Makes You Tick

Complete a holistic intake form and schedule an online evaluation with Dr. Randi in order to gain a better understanding of your current health goals.

You will receive an online reader with an introduction to Integrative Medicine to gain a deeper understanding of how the body should function from both an Eastern and Western medical approach. Learn how to identify your constitution through an online questionnaire.

Week 2

Understanding The Cycles of Life

This week you will take an in depth look at daily, yearly and life long cycles through an online reader. You will understand where you are at on your wellness journey and learn how to live in harmony with these cycles.

Week 3

Conscious Nutrition

Since the dawn of modern medicine we have understood the importance of nutrition as it pertains to overall health and well being.

During this week you will learn about the basics of nutrition and what is the correct amount of macronutrients for your individual composition through an online reader. You will dive into learning about modern nutrition, including the modern industrialization of food. Through journaling you will look at patterns in your own nutritional choices and begin to identify areas that need to shift.

Week 4

Let’s Talk About It.

Schedule your second online live consultation with Dr. Randi. We will go through all of the work you have done in the previous weeks and begin to understand your unique health concerns. Together we will to get to the root cause of your discomforts and begin to transform your health and vitality.