Top 10 ways to cultivate sustainable and thriving health.

There are so many health fads, new diets, and interesting ways to take care of ourselves it can be difficult at times to decide what is really going to work for us and fit into our busy schedules. As part of a 10 part series we are going to share our top 10 health practices and experiences. Cultivating sustainable and thriving health is a worthy endeavor and there are many simple things you can do daily to build a healthy lifestyle. Some of our suggestions are simple changes while others are a bit more involved but we invite you to try them all and incorporate the ones that work for you. First up we have one the oldest and easiest methods of strengthening your immune system and rejuvenating your skin…dry brushing. Medical and Natural Health doctors agree it’s simple, inexpensive, purifying, stimulating, invigorating and one of the most powerful things you can add to your daily self care routine.

Dry skin brushing has been practiced for thousands of years by many divergent cultures; The Chinese, Turks, Japanese, Greeks, Scandinavians, Russians, and Native Americans of both the Cherokee and Comanche tribes.

Dry skin brushing benefits the entire body by removing layers of dead cells on the largest organ of the body; bathing alone doesn’t do the trick. Proven to increase longevity and beauty, the benefits include improving blood, kidney and liver function, lymph (immune) circulation, and detoxification.

Best done first thing in the morning, use a dry loofah or a natural (vegetable or cactus) brush. Start at your extremities and always work towards your heart with long, vigorous strokes. I avoid my face, neck and nipples. Don’t rush; take 10 minutes! Shower afterwards! Enjoy!