Detox and De-stress

Modern research is beginning to prove that inflammation (or heat) in the body is at the root cause of most deadly diseases, even increasing stress and cortisol levels.

Due to the ever increasing exposure to chemicals in our environment, the body is constantly under stress leading to the body’s natural inflammatory response.

Once you factor in the mental stress of our daily lives, it’s easy to be out of balance for many in modern cultures.

At our Costa Rica Retreat Center in Jaco, Costa Rica we can help you discover many natural and easy ways to:

  • detoxify
  • reduce cortisol and inflammation
  • manage stress levels
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • reduce effects of daily stressors

Our detox wellness retreats are crafted to help you balance the body, mind and spirit.

Most importantly, you will leave your personal retreat rejuvenated, and have the tools and motivation to continue cultivating sustainable health and managing stress levels.

Health and Wellness Retreats

Premium Life Transformation Retreat

Maybe, you are at a point in life where you want to create a personal change. We encourage you to explore this retreat. Most importantly, you can take advantage of our holistic health services.

We focus on all areas of your life; physical fitness, behavioral patterns, emotional well-being and financial health to coach you back to sustainable living routines.

Clients wanting this kind of personal transformation typically require a minimum stay of 10 days. Many come for 2 weeks – 1 month. Let us help you decide what will serve you best to help create a meaningful life.

Wellness Vacations

Another option is our detox wellness vacations. They are for clients that need a break from their busy daily routine and want a health reset.

We offer ocean-view suites, pool lounging areas, daily organic meals, juicing, fitness and meditation activities, health spa services and integrative medical consultations. Typical stays are 7 – 10 days.

Nomad Healthy Stay

Nomad Healthy Stays are for travelers looking to reconnect with their physical goals and spiritual growth while working in or exploring Costa Rica. Take advantage of our organic meals, fitness classes, health spa services, ocean-view suites and pool lounging areas.

If you are unable to travel to Costa Rica we can also assist you online with our one-on-one coaching.