The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping is part of the new field of Energy Medicine. For 40 years, science has known that our beliefs affect our physiology at the cellular level. EFT combines Acupressure and Self Hypnosis to become a very powerful healing tool. It has proven to be very effective in helping with issues of severe abuse, guilt, shame, as well as healing the emotional and physical bodies.

You can Tap on yourself standing, sitting or lying down. You can also Tap on your loved ones or patients. If they are laying down you sit or stand at the head of the massage table or bed. If they are sitting you sit facing them, knee to knee. At Eden we’ve had some very profound experiences Tapping in a group circle after Yoga, in follow the leader style.

You begin EFT with an even though statement. For example, even though I’m feeling very anxious, afraid, lonely, angry, or sick right now. At the same time as you say your opening even though statement, you Tap on what is called the Karate chop point, the side of your hand. This has been scientifically proven to open the door in our brain to allow in your following positive affirmations. You continue on with as many rounds as you want of the positive affirmations. If something comes up, start again with the even though, Karate chop point.

The 8 points you go round and round with the positive affirmations are as follows:
Above the eyebrow;
Side of eye;
Under the eye;
Under your nose, upper lip;
Lower lip, crest above chin;
Below the collarbone;
Underarm, bra strap, side ribs;
And top of head.
Poke around and Tap on the sorest spots you find. These points access all your meridians.

Here are some suggestions of positive affirmations to get you started on making up your own:
I totally love and accept myself.
Everything always works out for me.
I release all thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that do not serve me.
I forgive myself for the past, future and forever.
The Universe is unfolding as it should.
It always has and it always will.
I trust my body and minds’ ability to heal.
I’m open to the awesome human being I am becoming.

Have fun with this and notice immediately feeling better!