Our digestive system is one of the most important body systems. It is intimately connected to all other body functions, especially our immune and cardiovascular systems, and is chiefly responsible for detoxifying the body. Our digestive system is certainly the one we have the most direct control of; as in “you are what you eat.”

Here are some quick tips on ways to take it easy on your digestive system during this time of indulgence:

  1. Daily fasting– Simply allow 14 hours (sleeping counts) between the last meal of the day until “Breakfast!” Nourishing, hydrating, and sanitizing liquids go directly into the blood stream; so can be included during your fasting hours. Daily fasting is a great way to increase your bodies ability to detoxify and can help boost metabolism, mental clarity and energy.
  2. Eat real whole food in moderation Avoid highly processed foods and items high in sugar, preservatives and additives. Practice moderation on your plate and with all lifestyle choices.
  3. Chew your food. Chewing your food thoroughly (at least 50 chews per mouthful) makes the digestive process considerably easier for the rest of the body.

Follow these easy guidlines and you will be sure to enjoy a healthy holiday season!!