Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Well-being

Our Philosophy

Your mental, emotional & spiritual health are important to your overall inner peace and ability to live a meaningful life.

Many of us were not given the tools to deal with common stressors that we all experience.

At our Costa Rica Retreat Center in Jaco, Costa Rica we present you with new perspectives and approaches to improve your mental health naturally.

You will have a private health consultation with our director, Dr. Randi Raymond and receive ample personal attention from all our staff.

Dr. Randi and her team will evaluate the root cause(s) of your discomforts. Similarly, they will offer you techniques to help balance your mind and improve spiritual development.

Clients commonly visit us for:

Midlife Crisis
Positive Thinking
Spiritual Healing and Awareness
Emotional Healing

Some of our natural treatment options are:

Lab Work, Allergy & DNA Testing
Longevity Fitness
Conscious Nutrition
Detox and De-stress

Health and Wellness Retreats

We offer 2 retreat options to work on mental, emotional and spiritual healing and development.

Premium Health Transformation

Maybe, you are at a point in life where you want to create a personal change. We encourage you to consider this retreat option. Most importantly, you can take advantage of our holistic health services.

We focus on all areas of your life; physical fitness, behavioral patterns, emotional well-being and financial health to coach you back to sustainable living routines.

Guests wanting this kind of personal transformation typically require a minimum stay of 10 days. Many come for 2 weeks – 1 month.

Wellness Vacations

Another option is our wellness vacations. They are for clients that need a break from their busy daily routine and want a healthy getaway.

We offer ocean-view suites, pool lounging areas, daily organic meals, juicing, fitness and meditation activities, health spa services and integrative medical consultations. Typical stays are 7 – 10 days.