The rise in the amount of individuals living with poor health in America is astonishing, especially since the issue can be traced back directly to the bad and flat-out dangerous foods that are readily available and constantly eaten. In knowing that what you put in your body is doing, in some cases, irreversible damage, it would be assumed that natural instinct would be to stop polluting yourself. Instead, many of the warning signs are ignored and the unhealthy eating patterns continue.

If you are ready to make the switch from the bad to the good, sometimes it’s imperative that you eradicate the toxins in your body – also known as a detox!

Committing to do a juice detox is an emotional roller coaster. At first you’re excited to finally take a step in the direction that could improve your overall well-being, but then the fear sets in. Is it really possible to only consume fruits and vegetables in the form of a juice? It seems crazy – or even impossible! But sometimes, your body is craving a reboot, and the best way to do that is to flush it of any toxins, and then replace the bad in your body with natural and nourishing cleansing foods and supplements.

I wanted to put a juice detox cleanse to the test to see if it really was the reset I needed to begin my journey to a healthy me. I decided to do a 3 day multi-organ juice cleanse that is designed to clean out the major filtering organs of the body such as the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, intestines, urinary bladder and blood.

After doing the cleanse, I wanted to compare my results with the results that I often found on the internet. I thought it would be helpful for others thinking of cleansing as well if I were to list the top reasons a person might do a juice detox, and give a little insight into my personal experience and whether or not I experienced the benefits that are so often talked about!

  1. Gives you an energy boost

Before doing the cleanse, I did a lot of research into the topic to see what the top rewards for my body would be. Increased energy usually arose as the number one reason to detox. Many choose to do a cleanse because they might have trouble sleeping or chronic fatigue, or trouble with concentration and just want to get their energy back.  

At first I was mostly just tired, hungry and irritable. I was flipping through channels and came across the Food Network and decided to indulge in a little sadness and hunger. But I pushed through to see if I could feel the benefits, and oh man am I glad I did!! I felt lighter and less sluggish. I wasn’t being held back by my organs having to work extra hard to process the toxins that I used to be putting in my body! Increased energy was definitely a benefit from a juice detox cleanse.

  1. Better organ function

Vital organs such as your liver and gallbladder, digestive tract, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymph system are constantly being worked and overworked and can be strained in the process. As a result of a toxin overload, you may experience symptoms such as sluggishness, chronic digestive complaints, joint problems, skin conditions, persistent allergies, frequent colds or flu, head and body aches, lethargy, weight gain, irritability, and mental fog.

I was excited to reintroduce different types of foods into my diet after the cleanse to see if my digestive system is actually able to handle the diet that I had before, or if I had been overworking my body without noticing.

After finishing the cleanse, I was thrilled that my body felt like it was correctly doing its job in digesting the foods that I put in it… that is until I ate a sandwich a few days later and did not feel well at all. This is when I realized my body was rejecting bread, and that I should cut gluten out of my diet altogether.

In a perfect world, I would have only introduced one ingredient at a time, but the human in me thought a sandwich would be a brilliant idea, and I paid for it. But now I know! Bread is not for me. This was a very inspiring moment and led me to take a look at all of my diet. If one thing could get me so sick, it made me question all the foods I was eating and choices of what I was putting into my body.

  1. Helps with weight loss

This seems like an obvious one – no solid food for 3 days. I was sure I’d see weight loss results – and I was correct. Upon returning  to my regular diet, I felt like my body was processing fats and carbs better and I wasn’t as bloated after meals. So not only did I lose weight during the actual process, but my improved organ function helped me to manage my weight as well.

  1. Improved hair, skin & nails

While doing research on the topic, I came across an article that claimed a detox could drastically strengthen my hair. A few years back I bleached my hair and am still suffering the consequences. Since severely damaging my hair, I’ve tried all the ideas my hairdresser in the United States recommended: argan oils, leave-in conditioners, countless haircuts – all to no avail. Because of this I was especially excited to see if I would notice results in the form of healthier hair.

What I found after doing the cleanse was astonishing. Not only did my hair feel smoother and stronger, but my eyes looked clearer and my skin was much brighter. This was like getting a makeover not only naturally improved my appearance, but also increased my overall health. It was an instant confidence booster.

  1. Improved sense of well-being

Finishing the cleanse as an amazing feeling!! It was really gratifying to know that I could actually get through something so challenging. After taking a break from all my bad habits for three days, I felt really confident that I was able to commit to my health. I knew finishing this detox is just the beginning of a long series of personal triumphs I knew I can accomplish. I now feel optimistic about being able to sustain my personal health, and my sense of well-being has definitely improved!

My two favorite detox juices are:

  1. Beet, Carrot, Ginger
  2. Kale, Pear, Apple and Lemon Juice

You can play around with the ratios until you come up with a flavor you love.

In summary, I’m going to be honest, there are some rough and not-so-pretty parts that are often not disclosed before you start your juice detox cleanse (especially on night two, which involves a whole lot of olive oil, epsom salt and eradicating the pollutants, which I’m sure you can imagine is not the most pleasant part of the cleanse).

But there is a light at the end of the detox!! I found all five common beliefs to be true, and would highly recommend doing one yourself. Anyone who has done a detox or cleanse can agree – it is so hard but yet when you finish, it’s so, so worth it!