Nutrition & Cooking Classes

At Eden we spend a lot of time with clients on nutrition counselling.

We are what we eat and everything we consume has a cause and effect within our bodies and the world around us.

Empower yourself by learning how food impacts all aspects of your health.

During your retreat you will learn about conscious nutrition and how to to cook for your body type in our teaching kitchen.

Most importantly, you can assist in meal preparation to learn techniques to prepare healthy food back home in your own kitchen.

You are invited to participate in our nutrition classes to deepen your knowledge and demystify the world of healthy food. Learn about where your food currently comes from, how it’s grown, and how you can source healthy ingredients and prepare your own.

Our food is local, seasonal and organic so the menu and culinary experience will always be unique.

Our Popular Wellness Courses

– Simple healing with Oriental Medicine
– Detox done easy and safe
– Where does our food come from
– Making conscious nutrition choices
– Slow food movement and cooking demonstrations
– Clean air, water, & food
– Simple home remedies for common ailments
– Cleansing with hydrotherapy
– Overview of natural & integrative medicine
– Environmental toxicity
– How to reduce inflammation naturally
– Build your mental health toolbox
– Healthy fasting
– Raising a healthy family
– Building your source energy
– Autoimmune disease and solutions
– Another look into diabetes
– Improving gut health
– The importance of oral health
– Reducing addictive patterns naturally