Pre & Post Operative Care

Costa Rica is a world leader in medical tourism. Furthermore, it is known for providing excellent and affordable health care, including pre & post operative care.

As a result, our concierge medicine service holds a high standard when assisting you with logistics and referrals.

Our Costa Rica Retreat Center can facilitate pre-surgical health enhancements and post-surgical integrative care for procedures such as:

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Eye Care
  • Dental
  • Orthopedic Procedures
  • Pain Management
  • Stem Cell

Above all, we will assist you in becoming the healthiest you to ensure the best results from your selected procedures.

Relax and recover in paradise with our ocean-view suites, organic meals, daily fitness and meditation activities and health spa services.

And, enjoy the comfort of our highly trained and caring team under the direction of Dr. Randi Raymond.