Dr. Randi Raymond,

Integrative Medical Director

Dr. Randi Raymond specializes in intensive health transformations.  Her practice is built on changing unhealthy behaviors and patterns through intensive coaching and integrative medicine.

Dr. Randi started out as an adrenaline junkie working in the OR and racing Motocross. After a serious bike accident and a cancer diagnosis, she redirected her medical career to include a more Holistic and Integrative approach. She holds an M.A. in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine from the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe.

She has been creating customized Integrative Health and Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica for the last 10 years. She specializes in one-on-one personalized medicine with the intention of getting to the root of your problem.

Dr. Randi’s emphasis on educating her clients sets her apart in her field. She is passionate and real in her work to empower clients to make lifestyle changes and seek treatments that truly work for them.

She created Eden, a Costa Rica Retreat Center in Jaco, Costa Rica to provide the safety, space, and time to get to the root of your problem and create a positive shift.

Clients will experience daily sessions to examine their complete medical history, current diet and lifestyle, and extensive Q&A time all with Dr. Randi in order to map out their health plan at Eden and afterwards. Your sessions may include:

  • Conscious Nutrition
  • Longevity Fitness
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Lab Work, Allergy & DNA Testing
  • Detox Specialist 
  • Chinese Medical Practitioner 

“Every BODY is different. The best method and medicine is the one that works for the individual. I have studied many modalities in order to create the best treatment & lifestyle plan for each individual”
– Dr. Randi Raymond-

Marisa Pollock M.A., LGSW.


Marisa is a certified psychotherapist and received her masters from the University of Maryland in 2014, graduating with honors. She has extensive experience helping clients overcome trauma, grief, PTSD, body image, addiction, anxiety and depression.

She uses an eclectic counseling approach tailored to the unique needs of each client and is trained to use various treatment methods such as Dialectal Behavioral Therapy  (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family therapy and play therapy. She implements a holistic approach and teaches mindfulness in a non-judgmental setting. Marisa can also incorporate her knowledge and skills of Reiki and guided meditations to better serve her clients needs. She also strongly believes and teaches the law of attraction, which is “the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.” Using this modality of positive thought and scripting one can expect great change in a short amount of time.

Marisa believes a positive and empathetic therapeutic relationship between a therapist and client is essential to the growth process.

Prior to joining Eden, Marisa worked as a psychotherapist at various private practices and grade schools where she facilitated the healing process of a wide variety of patients. One of her roles included being a Prevention Specialist in an inner city middle school assisting children of drug-addicted parents. Her interest in the field began as a teenager when she worked with orphans in Odessa, Ukraine through Universal Aid for Children.


~Psychological and spiritual evaluations
~Treatment plans/ after care follow ups
~Art and play therapy
~Breathwork techniques
~Guided meditations

“Let’s embark on the journey to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. I can assist you in freeing your mind, body, and soul through change and acceptance”

Marisa Pollock M.A, LGSW

Rev. Dr. Judith Arnold

Care Specialist

Jude has worked as a natural health and wellness professional since 1984. An ordained Sufi minister and published author, Jude’s academic credentials include B.S. and M.S. in Nursing and Ph.D’s in Educational Psychology and Natural Medicine. Believing in the body’s ability to heal itself, she has been educating her clients for 30+ years on how to make their own medicines out of food, exercise and attitude. Her expertise is in changing behavior patterns, digestive reprogramming, and transitional care.

Jude is the founder of our non-profit 501c3 organization Eden Wellness Institute. Our non profit raises funds to support our volunteer project, promote health education, and protect our resources through sustainable projects. Click here to learn more about Jude.

Kitchen Manager

Olga comes from the heart of our nearby jungle farm Bijagual and is the heart center of Eden’s culinary experience. Our hospitality mama, she accommodates any demanding diet restriction while still serving up Costa Rican classics for guests and even our furry friends to enjoy. Don’t miss her gallo pinto, flaxseed pancakes, baked plantain sandwich, and the daily special fusion dish with Natalie

The Wellness Team

We rely on a diverse team of health and wellness experts to provide the best care for our guests. Certainly, we will work together to create the most effective treatment plan for your unique needs. No matter which Costa Rica retreat you choose, healing hands are never far away.

Grommets and Furry Friends

Our grommets are Dr. Randi’s kiddos. When present at Eden they are skilled art & activities directors, lego building experts (it’s quite meditative), and surprisingly good at dispensing pearls of wisdom from time to time. Eden boast a fun and friendly crew of furry friends as well. Our chubby chihuahua Princessa Peanut and snuggly Tigress. They help guests connect, relax with some petting, and feel at home in our intimate setting. However, they can also be tucked away for any reason in order to accommodate guest’s request.

Team Corazón

It truly takes a team of people to make it happen, and we have assembled a fantastic group of caring people to help you through the healing process.