Continuing on with simple, inexpensive things you can do at home to optimize your health in the new year, you might want to consider reversing the effects of gravity.

Reversing the effects of gravity removes stagnant waste and heavy metals in the blood and lymph that accumulate in our feet and lower legs.
You will especially feel the benefit of this practice in your abdominal organs. Propping up your feet, legs and hips above your heart has been a favorite health and beauty tip for all ages.

Wonderful after a hot bath, lie down with two pillows under your hips and 4 pillows under your legs. This can also be done on a board, bed or bench raised 18 inches on one end.  Read, nap or meditate in this position, 20 minutes once or twice a day.

You’ve probably seen back swings and inversion bars with boots for purchase to completely hang upside down.  If you enjoy core work do your abdominal exercises inverted for extra benefit!

If you have questions about whether this practice is right for you, ask your healthcare provider! Work up to complete inversion gradually as you get used to the feeling of increased pressure in your head and chest!

Another way inversion is accomplished is through the yoga positions, headstand, handstand and shoulder-stand.  Very effective in improving circulation to the brain and giving your face a healthy glow, reversing the effects of gravity benefits all body systems.