One of our recent guests was at Eden to get healthy before a shoulder surgery. When his shoulder pain completely vanished after one week of his detox retreat, he was astonished and in disbelief. After a short conversation about toxicity in the body and the importance of maintaining a healthy functioning body we saw his light bulb come on. The following explanation convinced him of the sound science behind detoxification as surgery prevention.

There is an intimate relationship between all body fluids and the anatomy and physiology of the digestive and elimination systems. The mucous lining of our digestive tract, from mouth to anus is a semipermeable membrane facilitating the movement of nutrients into the blood and waste products out of the blood. When the integrity of this mucous membrane is compromised by wrong diet, constipation, infections and other imbalances; digestion, elimination and immune function are compromised. Nutrients are not able to get into the body and waste products are not able to get out of the body. To be toxic means waste products instead of usable nutrients are being circulated through the body on all levels of blood, lymph, cells, tissues, joints, glands and organs.

The detox methods you will learn here at Eden include: skin brushing, citrus drinks, fasting techniques, health food recipes, liver and gallbladder flushing, bowel gardening, colon hydrotherapy, foot baths, Ozone sauna, reversing the effects of gravity and much more. We guarantee, if you apply yourself, a detox retreat here at Eden will drastically improve how you think, feel and function for life. Come join us and give it a try!